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School workspaces,
Easy to use

Lightning fast

99.99% response time, your ressources are always on and ready to go. Connect to Shackr from home or school, our application was designed for maximum speed and reliability.


Shackr offers two factor authentication in order to secure the acccess to the plateform. Your sensitive information are safe.

Collaborative workspace

Students and teachers work together. Shackr offers a platform dedicated to exchanges about courses and school related events. Working together has never been easier.

Showcase Features & Benefits

Shackr features a lot of tools to help you to work faster and better.

Collaborative Calendar

Working together just got easier, our calendar sync with all your devices.

From your desk to your pocket

Your documents are synchronised, accessible from everywhere.

Safe and secure

You can use our secure cloud our directly deploy our technology on your servers.

Easy to setup

Deloy your own Shackr Cloud, in less than a minute!


At home, at school, anywhere else.

File sharing

Need to work together on a document ? It's okay, there's an option for that.


Synchronise your agenda, files and team chats on all your devices. From your school computer to your laptop.


Your files are automatically encrypted, without your password or conscent, no one can acces your information.

Easy to setup

Our client is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android & iOS.


FaceBook groups are outdated

An idea ? We back it

Present your ideas to your school: charity event, student meetings, helping out other students... It's possible, and simple.

Your network, one click away

Need to find an internship or help for your homework ? Your friend can help with that.

Follow new projects

If you want to organize events for a whole year, Shackr can help with that. There's a functionnality for project roadmaps.

Feedback with the administration

Something needs to be improved on campus ? Our feedback functionnality allow you to introduce new ways to improve everyone's life, and you can vote for it.

Works on mobile

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Bring education to a new level


Shackr is a company founded by students, with the aim to make their work environment easier.

  • Work from home like at school
  • Improve communication on campus
  • Power school realted organizations
  • Take education to a whole new level
  • Design solutions accessible to any school

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Evan Ollivier



Student at Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Brest, Shackr is his third company. He is in charge of software development and planning.

David Athéa

Student in Nantes at Lycée Clémenceau, David is the head of communications and public relations. He promotes Shackr all over the world.

Corentin LeGall

Student at Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Brest, Corentin is at the head of software development. He designs frameworks to make our apps run fast on any device.